Collaborative Capital 1, LP
Collaborative Capital I, LLP is the first venture capital fund established by The Elvey Partnership (EP).

Collaborative Capital made investments in early-stage Internet and technology companies with:
  • Other savvy investors
  • Experienced management that has demonstrated distinctive competence and integrity
  • The potential for rapid growth to significant market share
  • The ability to manage rapid growth
  • A rational valuation based on a stimulating Business Plan
Collaborative Capital is now fully invested and works ad hoc on an opportunistic basis helping secure co-investors and strategic financial partners.

The fund will make investments in exchange for equity and/or convertible debt with the goal of exiting each investment within a 24-60 month time frame.

Should portfolio companies require assistance in outsourcing, EP with US Associates in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco; internationally in Italy, Spain, South Africa and the UK, can quickly evaluate and select appropriate firms, and monitor performance.

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