Javelin NYFX
Aptas (Local Matters)
Emergent Group

Cheetah Mail
Sure Source
Digit Wireless

  EP manages Collaborative Capital I LLP. The portfolio consists of those companies to whom we have provided services and/or invested.


VenturiFX (VFX) is an intellectual property and business creation company that is developing disruptive solutions for the telecommunications industry.

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Javelin Technologies, Inc. (now owned by NYFX) is the leading global provider of financial information protocol servers for electronic securities trading and is the front-runner in Financial Information Exchange (FIX) technology. The company has numerous installations in major buy- and sell-side institution securities clearing houses, hedge fund managers and ECNs. Clients include Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan, Advent, Discover Brokerage (Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online), A.W. Bertsch, Instinet, Thomson Financial, Market XT, SS&C, Schroders, AutEx. and Schwab.

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Vuepoint is a comprehensive enterprise platform for corporate e-learning, knowledge sharing, and performance support. Clients include Black & Decker. Raymond James, Toyota, Verizon, 3 Com.

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The company (renamed recently Local Matters)  develops, markets and sells infrastructure software platforms and applications that enable its customers - online yellow page publishers, search portals and ISP’s - to provide enhanced Internet presence, direct marketing promotion and customer relationship management solutions for their small and medium enterprise (SME) subscribers. 

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Sessions.edu develops and delivers digital courses online in Internet and e-business skills, using a proprietary platform, to consumers, corporations and education institutions worldwide. The faculty of experienced professionals and educators offers a comprehensive, Internet-based training curriculum to students in more than 60 countries.

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Alarity has two divisions: Solutions and Services and Security Technologies. They employ a seasoned research and development team with facilities in New Jersey and St. Petersburg, Russia.  
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Emergent Group, Inc., through its subsidiary, PRI Medical Technologies, Inc., provides mobile laser/surgical services, medical lasers and other equipment, and related technical services to hospitals, out-patient surgery centers, and physician’s offices.

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Ebookers is the largest online travel agency in the United Kingdom offering consolidated air fares, hotel and car rental reservations.

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Sure Source.com

Headquartered in Trumbull, Connecticut, SureSource is the largest national direct retailer specializing in helping consumer goods manufacturers manage consumer "where-to-buy" issues.

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Cheetah Mail (sold in 2004) offers comprehensive online direct marketing technology and services to its clients. The Company's technology enables small to medium-sized businesses to manage the direct mail process by controlling every aspect of the process including registration and database management, targeting content, delivery, subscriber support and response management. The Cheetah Mail system aggregates data on every customer receiving mail through the system in order to create more effective target marketing campaigns. The revenue model is based on set-up and usage fees. Customers who maintain customer data through Cheetah Mail are given access to the full suite of products and services which include management registration and subscription, client targeting and data analysis.

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minetech.com Minetech offers solutions and services based on its proprietary technology, GMAX, which is a genetic data mining tool. The software, which is currently targeted towards direct marketing, does the work of thousands of statisticians by finding the most compelling and profitable business opportunities by applying thousands of statistical models to a company's data. Minetech offers a suite of business tools based on this technology. The technology has clients that include several top firms.

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Digit Wireless, LLC is a technology development and licensing company focused on advanced ergonomic interfaces for the next generation of products. Currently, the company is working exclusively to promote the Fastap™ Keypad, the most intuitive and powerful mobile phone interface in the world